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03 - Youse GmbH (YOUSE), Berlin, Germany



YOUSE is a company that supports innovation to focus on the needs of users and consumers through professional and real user  integration – particularly with elderly users. The firm was founded in 2009 and is managed by Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Glende and Dr. Christoph Nedopil.
With expertise in usability engineering, user integration and user centered design, YOUSE supports innovative companies and research projects to understand weaknesses in the product design at an early stage and then lower development cost and speed up development cycles by preventing late adaptations and rectifications. This leads to decreased customer service cost due to easier handling of products and increased acceptance and revenues due to more user friendly products.

YOUSE creates ideas, analyzes requirements and tests prototypes together with users. Through this form of user centered design we help to develop new and user friendly products, better and smarter services, usable and customer friendly packaging or easy to understand manuals.



In Robot-Era YOUSE will focus on several tasks in the field of user centred design. YOUSE will recruit older people in Germany and work with them to provide feedback to technical and functional developments throughout the design process. YOUSE will also support the definition of an experimental protocol and select methods for testing and evaluation.
With a group of several senior people, YOUSE aims to assess different business model approaches to find out which is most accepted by users.
Last but not least, YOUSE focuses on marketing aspects for robotic solutions, to find answers to questions like “What information should be given to potential customers?”, “What attracts elderly people, what scares them regarding robotics?” and “What marketing channels should be used to get in touch with the older target groups?”.



YOUSE has supported a variety of companies in industries like automotive, consumer electronics, medical appliances, online media, smart home, telecommunication and tourism.
Companies like Deutsche Telekom, TU Berlin, VDI/VDE, International Design Centre, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or Jonny Fresh value the cooperation and innovation power of YOUSE and its employees.
Since 2010, YOUSE realizes User Integration in the EU-funded project ALIAS, aiming on the development of a domestic robot for elderly people, from the analysis of requirements until the development of a user manual. The company also carried out Usability-Tests for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL-)Technologies in Smart-Homes, hold creative workshops and supported conceptual design in the research project "CrossGeneration" for the target group "diabetics". From 2009, YOUSE conducted the AAL accompanying research on User Integration for the German Ministry of Research and Education, consulting and coaching 18 different AAL projects with User Integration tools and their application.



Winsstr. 62
10405 Berlin
+49 30 2017 9800



Dr.-Ing. Sebastian GlendeIn 2009 Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Glende founded the innovation consultancy YOUSE GmbH with Christoph Nedopil to include users in design processes. He studied Industrial Engineering and Economics, worked at the Department for Human Factors Engineering at the Berlin Institute of Technology and was a research fellow at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He gained practical experience with several car manufacturers and focused on the development of user-centred design processes. Sebastian was head of the Senior Research Group. He contributes to several working groups on ergonomics and design for elderly people and is actively involved in the Ergonomics Quality In Design project of the IEA.
In RobotEra Sebastian is WP9 leader and focuses on Breakthroughs and Exploitation, User and Town Centred Design and on Experimental Loops.

Dr. Christoph NedopilDr. Christoph Nedopil is founder and managing director of the innovation agency YOUSE from Berlin. This young and upcoming company is dealing especially with the user-centered design of products and services, amongst others for the elder generation. Before founding YOUSE, the engineer Christoph Nedopil has worked at the renowned business school IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and has been a consultant for the World Bank for three years. In this time, he published several books, amongst others a book on managing complexity in January 2011.
In RobotEra he leads WP9 and focuses on Breakthroughs and Exploitation, User and Town Centred Design and on Experimental Loops.

Susann KlemckeSusann Klemcke studied sociological technology studies at the Berlin Institute of Technology with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative social research methods and ergonomics. She is particularly interested in human machine interaction. Susann works with YOUSE since 2011 and is engaged in several research and industry projects, where she dedicates herself to highly innovative product and service developments on the one hand and to usability optimization on the other.
In RobotEra Susann is involved in the research of reasonable and marketable scenarios and functions of robotic systems.



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