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The Robot-Era Project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement num. 288899
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07 - Metralabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme (MLAB), Ilmenau, Germany


Logo MLABMetralabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme is a German SME and produces high-performance mobile robot platforms and complete service robot applications. As one of the first companies in the world MetraLabs has successfully launched service robots that do their job in grocery and DIY stores, fast food restaurants and clean rooms everyday and fully auto-nomous. The current fields of application are mobile monitoring, flexible intralogistics, mobile service guides and mobile robots for research. The company was founded in the environment of and with a link to the Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany) in 2001.


Within the Robot-Era project MLAB provides and enhance the hardware of indoor robots for the test environments. This includes the mechanical design, the integration of required additional sensors and devices and design aspects. Another key contribution is autonomous navigation and localization to realize the planned scenarios. The field-proven software framework CogniDrive will therefore be adapted and enhanced to the requirements of the scenarios. Additionally, MLAB is going to contribute to standardisation issues, risk analysis, etc. On the exploitation aspect MLAB will keep the market focus in mind and will put forward ideas for useful applications as an outcome of the Robot-Era project.


MLAB offers the SCITOS G5/A5 platforms, which combine the robustness and longevity of industrial robots with the mobility and flexibility of research robots. MLAB also offers social robot solutions for the point of sale and works together with important companies and institutes of the trade business. MLAB brings in experiences in the development of service robots for home environments: In the field of AAL MLAB is a partner of the FP7 IP CompanionAble (grant agreement no. 216487) and the project Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant (ALIAS) of the AAL Joint Programme. The main contribution in these projects is the development and adaptation of the robot platform for elderly in home environments and software integration based on the results of user trails.


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Dr. Andreas BleyDr. Andreas Bley. Andreas is a co-founder and managing director of MetraLabs GmbH. He has studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Ilmenau University of Technology between 1998 and 2003. During this period he also worked at Tyco Adhesives Ltd. in the United States and at the automotive manufacturer Manitou Industriali s.r.l. in Italy. In May 2007 he completed his work with a doctoral degree in the field of social and economic sciences at the Institute of Economics, International Economic Relations, of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg with summa cum laude. During his studies he held a scholarship of the Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme of the Foundation of German Business.

Dr. Christian MartinDipl.-Inf. Christian Martin. Christian is a co-founder of MetraLabs GmbH and head of software development. He gratuated in computer science and automation technology as a subsidiary subject top of class at Ilmenau University of Technology including an eight-months research trip at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in 2003. During his study he held a scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation. In parallel to its occupation he is doing a Ph.D. in human robot interaction at Ilmenau University of Technology in which he further his knowledge and long-time interest about neuroinformatics and cognitive robotics. On the basis of former research and industrial projects he is an expert in software engineering and software architecture with over 10 years of experience in professional software development.

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