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New design for the Domestic and Condominium Robots

On the basis of the analysis of the results of the surveys, the various technical problems faced during the first period of experimentation and the new technical requirements, Robot-Era partners redesigned the appearance of the two robots and made a few changes compared to the first prototypes.

The new design of Domestic and Condominium Robots


A very important issue, already known and strongly confirmed by the answers of the interviewees, concern the dimensions too large of the two robots, and especially of the Domestic Robot. Since it is not possible to decrease the overall size of the two robots for technical reasons (it would be impossible to change or reduce the size of the mobile base, the arm of Domestic Robot or the mechanical system of objects exchange of Condominium Robot), we lightened its outer face.
This way, the robots have a more linear and compact appearance, in agreement with the feedbacks detected by interviews with users.


In the area of the tray of the Condominium Robot the cover has been designed in order to act as a guide for the correct positioning of the box during the exchange with the Outdoor Robot.
The central pillar of the frame of the Domestic Robot has been moved to the back: in this way we obtained a tray (removable and washable as in the first version of the robot) with a form more congenial to the movements of the arm.


We created a sort of colored headgear. We thought this additional accessory to better characterize the two robots. In the design of the first version of the two robots we tried to combine form and function deciding to "dress up" each robot with a uniform: the housemaid and the janitor. Despite our best efforts, during the trial, the Users who participated have not jumped at these aspects. For this reason and because it is important that the appearance of two robots communicate their basic nature to reach the highest degree of acceptability, we thought to develop one headgear ad hoc with soft materials.

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