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FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance

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Scientific papers 2014

Articles, posters and publications in conference proceedings

  1. Di Nuovo, A., Broz, F., Belpaeme, T., Cangelosi, A., Cavallo, F., Esposito, R., & Dario, P. (2014, October). A web based Multi-Modal Interface for elderly users of the Robot-Era multi-robot services. In Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 2186-2191)
  2. N.Hendrich, H.Bistry, J.Zhang, PEIS, MIRA, and ROS: Three frameworks, one service robot - a tale of integration, ROBIO~2014, Bali, Indonesia
  3. N.Hendrich, H.Bistry, J. Liebrecht, J.Zhang, Natural Robot-Human Handover Combining Force and Tactile Sensors, Workshop on Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment, IROS~2014, Chicago, USA
  4. Broz, F., Di Nuovo, A., Belpaeme, T., & Cangelosi, A. (2014, September). Towards Integrating Dialog, Planning, and Execution for Service Robots. In 2014 AAAI Fall Symposium Series
  5. N.Hendrich, H.Bistry, J. Liebrecht, J.Zhang, Multi-modal clues for efficient human-robot object handover: a case study with elderly users, Workshop on New frontiers of service robotics for the elderly, RO-MAN 2014, Edinburgh, UK
  6. M.Bonaccorsi*, L.Fiorini*, S. Sathyakeerthy, A. Saffiotti, F. Cavallo, P. Dario, Design of Cloud Robotic Services for Senior Citizens to Improve Independent Living in Multiple Environments, XIII AI*IA Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Pisa, 10-12 December 2014
  7. Raffaele Esposito, Filippo Cavallo, Paolo Dario, Fiorella Marcellini, Roberta Bevilacqua, Elisa Felici, Robot-Era Project: Preliminary results of robotic service in smart environments with elderly people, AAL Forum 2014, 9 -12 September, Bucharest, Romania
  8. Ning Wang, Michael R. Lyu, Extracting and Selecting Distinctive EEG Features for Efficient Epileptic Seizure Prediction, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
  9. M.Bonaccorsi*, L.Fiorini*, F.Cavallo, R.Esposito and P.Dario, “Design of Cloud Robotic Services for Senior Citizens to Improve Independent living and Personal Health Management”, ForitAAL, September 2-5th, 2014, Catania, Italy
    * equal contribution
  10. J. Grosinger, F. Pecora, A. Saffiotti. Find out why reading this paper is an opportunity of type Opp_0. ECCAI Cognitive Robotics Workshop, Prague, CK, 2014
  11. Fabrizia Lattanzio, Angela M. Abbatecola, Roberta Bevilacqua, Carlos Chiatti, Andrea Corsonello, Lorena Rossi, Silvia Bustacchini, Roberto Bernabei, Advanced Technology Care Innovation for Older People in Italy: Necessity and Opportunity to Promote Health and Wellbeing, JAMDA, July 2014, Vol. 15, No. 7, Pages 457-466
  12. F. Cavallo, R. Limosani, A. Manzi, M. Bonaccorsi, R. Esposito, M. Di Rocco, F. Pecora, G. Teti, A. Saffiotti, P. Dario: Development of a Socially Believable Multi-Robot Solution from Town to Home. Journal of Cognitive Computation, Springer, pp. 1-14, Jun 2014
  13. Laura Fiorini, Manuele Bonaccorsi, Filippo Cavallo, Raffaele Esposito and Paolo Dario. Design of a Cloud Robotics Solution for Ambient Assisted Living Application. GNB 2014
  14. Manuele Bonaccorsi, Laura Fiorini, Filippo Cavallo, Raffaele Esposito and Paolo Dario. Toward a Cloud Robotics Solution for Indoor Localization in AAL applications.  GNB 2014
  15. Raffaele Limosani, Filippo Cavallo, Paolo Dario. Extended Interaction among Robots and Environment.  GNB 2014
  16. Jasmin Grosinger, Federico Pecora, Alessandro Saffiotti.  Robots and Bananas: Exploring Deliberation in Cognitive Robots.  Proc of the AAAI Workshop on AI and Robotics.  Quebec City, Canada, Jul 27, 2014
  17. Norman Hendrich, Hannes Bistry, Benjamin Adler, and Jianwei Zhang: User-driven software design for an elderly care service robot, Proc. 8th Int. Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Pervasive Health-2014, Oldenburg, Germany
  18. UOP. INRCA, YOUSE, ORU, SSSA, Designing Robotic Services for the Elderly, position paper, HRI 2014 Elderly workshop
  19. Di Nuovo, A., De La Cruz, V. M., & Cangelosi, A. (2014). Grounding fingers, words and numbers in a cognitive developmental robot. In Computational Intelligence, Cognitive Algorithms, Mind, and Brain (CCMB), 2014 IEEE Symposium on (pp. 9-15)
  20. Di Nuovo A.; De La Cruz V.; Cangelosi A.; Di Nuovo S. (2014). The iCub learns numbers: An embodied cognition study, Proc. of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2014), pp.1- 8, In:WCCI 2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
  21. Di Nuovo A., Di Nuovo S., Buono S., Cutello V. (2014). Benefits of Fuzzy Logic in the Assessment of Intellectual Disability. IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 2014. FUZZ-IEEE 2014. (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence)
  22. M. Di Rocco, S. Sathyakeerthy, J. Grosinger, F. Pecora, A. Saffiotti, M. Bonaccorsi, F. Cavallo, R. Limosani, A. Manzi, G. Teti, P. Dario: A Planner for Ambient Assisted Living: From high-level reasoning to low-level robot execution and back. AAAI Spring Symposium “Qualitative Representations for Robots”, Stanford, CA, March 24-26, 2014
  23. De La Cruz VM, Di Nuovo A, Di Nuovo S and Cangelosi A (2014). Making fingers and words count in a cognitive robot. FRONTIERS IN BEHAVIOURAL NEUROSCIENCE (ISSN: 1662-5153). 8:13
  24. AAL Kongress 2014 – Susann Klemcke, Sebastian Glende – Poster about Robot-Era Fieldtrails
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Implementation and integration of advanced Robotic systems and intelligent Environments in real scenarios for the ageing population