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The Robot-Era Project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement num. 288899
FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance

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Peccioli pilot site

There are several structures in Peccioli with particularly innovative features, resulting from the continuous exchange between research and experimentation activities ensured by the scientific coordination role appointed to the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. The two structures involved in the Robot-Era project are the DomoCasa Lab and the Ghizzano Residential Site.

The DomoCasa Lab places itself as a complete and integrated laboratory for testing frontier research in the field of robotics and AAL, attracting people to give their own contribution for experimentation and new results. Inside the House-Lab, thanks to the presence of engineers from the bioengineering laboratories of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, innovative criteria and approaches for technical and functional validation are defined to measure – through actual use of the house – the level of usability and acceptability of the domotic devices and systems and, more in general, the entire “home system”. The articulation and elaboration of new validation methods is made possible thanks to the multidisciplinary approach of the workgroup, composed of mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, bioengineers, designers and psychologists with highly diversified skills who are able to deeply address the technical-functional aspects connected to the performances of the various devices and systems at study. The presence of psychologists within the workgroup enables the preventive analysis of any aspects connected to the user’s emotiveness and personality, and, consequently, the identification of possible solutions to overcome low acceptability of the technologies by a single individual or specific type of users.

Domocasa Lab

DomoCasa Lab - the Domotic Living Laboratory, Peccioli, Italy

Over the years, the Domotic House-Lab has accommodated experimental activities conducted within numerous research and development projects at public and private, regional, national and European scale. Today it presents itself, thanks to the integration of the prototypes, as an experimentation laboratory for home-based Ambient Assisted Living applications.
The Domotic House-Lab is located inside the Peccioli Village for Research and Innovation. The Incubator, about 2000 m2, is reserved for SMEs start-up and Research Spin-Offs active in the fields of Biomedical Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Environment and Agro-industrial sector and Precision mechanical Technology, Microtechnology and Mechatronics. Thanks to all these activities and structures, many new small Hi-Tech enterprises were founded, some of which clearly oriented towards the biomedical sector and to the use of technologies for the independence and quality of life of disabled and elderly people. Today in the Incubator there are 16 SMEs between Spin Off and Start Up companies and also RoboTech srl and TechnoDeal S.r.l, two of the SME partners of Robot-Era Project.
This allows a continuous exchange between Research and Companies, with the aim to immediately apply the research results to industrial, besides societal, needs, making Peccioli a focus for production and research activities carried out by existing biomedical companies, and for new financial resources (risk capital and institutional investors), with the aim to favour local economic development.

The Ghizzano Residential Site, designed to offer high-quality health services for elderly people and their relatives, is another facility where SSSA carries out applied research activities, experimentation and validation of the developed systems, devices and methods, thus ensuring continuous benefits in terms of innovation of the services provided.

Ghizzano Residential Site

The Ghizzano residential site, Peccioli, Italy

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