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Large participation for the 2nd open house event in Sweden

The event was an open-house gathering held at the Ängen research and innovation apartment, the test site used for the Robot-Era experiments in Örebro.
The objectives for this Open House event was two-fold: to disseminate the preliminary outcomes of the second experimental loop, and to present the next steps which are planned in Ängen. The main target was media, primary and secondary users, other stakeholders, and the general public.
The event had four main objectives:

  • to gather all the elderly subjects who took part in the experiments, so they could exchange opinions about the experiments;
  • to allow companies, social actors and decision makers to get a first-hands experience of the Robot-Era setup, the experiments, and the results;
  • to maximize exposure of the Robot-Era system and results to the general population in Örebro;
  • and to give the media an opportunity to see the experimental site and the robots, to meet and interview the Robot-Era researchers that developed the system and conducted the experiments, and to meet and interview the elderly subjects and hear their opinion about the Robot-Era system.

The event has seen a very large participation by people, with more than 50 participants – which is about the maximum number that can be accommodated in the Ängen facility. Participants included: elderly subjects who participated in the experiments, other elderly people from around Örebro, visitors from companies, funding bodies, general public, and media people. In addition, other attendees were from the host organizations Örebro University and Lansgarden Facility.

Translated excerpt from an interview done by Swedish TV channel SVT1:

"Retirees tried to live with robots in a research apartment in Örebro. And the result is so good that one now thinks that robots for elder care will be on the market in ten years. [...] Laila and Stig Hallgren were among those who participated in the project and they say they wish to have their own robot.
– Yes, absolutely. Right now I can manage, but there will be a time when I need help. At that time, it is not certain that there will be enough personnel. Then it would be really nice to have this kind of gadget, says Stig Hallgren."

Report and video about the event (in Swedish language) is availabe here

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