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Workshop on 'Elderly-robot interaction: Talk and demonstration on robots by Plymouth University'

On March 11, 2015, the University of Plymouth (UOP) team members Prof. Angelo Cangelosi, Dr. Ning Wang and Dr. Alessandro Di Nuovo together with Prof. Ray Jones, a Professor of Health Informatics at the same University, held a workshop on “Elderly-robot interaction: Talk and demonstration on robots by Plymouth University” at Wesley Court, a sheltered housing facility for the accommodation of retired people in Plymouth, United Kingdom. During the workshop, the UOP team introduced the latest elderly-tailored user interface developed under the EU FP7 Robot-Era Project and gave demonstrations of the interaction capabilities of the newest NAO humanoid platform. Around 30 residents in the apartment building attended the workshop.

During the workshop, the attendants were invited to participate in a follow-up study on elderly-robot interaction with the Robot-Era multi-modal user interfaces from May 9 to May 15, 2015, at Plymouth University. A total of 15 subjects (3 males, 12 females, averagely aged at 80.53, all native British English speakers) from Wesley Court have participated in the experiments. The food delivery service was chosen to be the main task; subjects could use speech, tablet, or both of them to complete the task. The test for each subject lasted for 45 minutes. During the experiments, in addition to questionnaires and open-question interview opinions, frontal and profile video recordings were collected. The analysis of acquired data is currently undergoing at UOP. All the participants indicated that they enjoyed the experience during the experiments with the robot and many offered their availability for further studies.

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