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IFR released the 'World Robotics 2013 - Service Robots'

IFR (Internationa Federation of Robotics) released the annual report "World Robotics 2013 - Service Robots".
In 2012, it was estimated that two million domestic robots were sold, 15% more than in 2011. Robotics in personal and domestic applications has experienced strong global growth with relatively few mass-market products: floor cleaning robots, robo-mowers and robots for edutainment. Future product visions point to domestic robots of higher sophistication, capability and value, such as assistive robots for supporting the elderly, for helping out with household chores and for entertainment.
It is estimated that about 22 million units of service robots for personal use will be sold between 2013 and 2016 thus indicating the continued strong growth of service robotics in this field.

Strong increase of personal and domestic service robots (source: IFR charts)

More details are provided in "World Robotics 2013 - Service Robots".

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