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First experimental loop ongoing in Italy

The experimental loop in Italy

After designing and developing the Domestic, Condominium and Outdoor robotic platforms and defining the Robot-Era services, the first experimental loop started in Peccioli (Italy) on July and it is still going on. 35 senior citizens, living in Peccioli, 65+ years old were recruited to use and test the Robot-Era system, composed of the three robots and the AmI infrastructure, in the realistic indoor and outdoor environments of the Peccioli Town Lab. During the experimentation eight robotic services integrated in smart environments will be tested. Elderly volunteers were invited to interact with the robots in order to evaluate the technical effectiveness and acceptability of the Robot-Era robotic services.

At the moment the elderly people tested six robotics services and much quantitative and qualitative data were collected by means of specific questionnaires, interviews and video observation. The feedbacks provided by the elderly will be used to investigate the degree of attitude, acceptability and usability of Robot-Era services and to measure the dependability of the Robot-Era system.

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Implementation and integration of advanced Robotic systems and intelligent Environments in real scenarios for the ageing population